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A dream came true – My own tailor-made riding boots!

I sincerely believe that at some point in a rider’s life, he or she is craving for the perfect riding boot, one that fits perfectly around his ankles and one whose bootleg has the perfect length. Since I have very long legs, the boots I have tried on in stores have always and always been too short.

Whenever I thought about riding boots off the rack,  as a student I was always quite surprised about what you get for the price you have to pay. I therefore decided to look for the possibility to have my boots custom-made and found a great alternative to the severely expensive and impersonal German boot makers (e.g. Königs Reitstiefel).

Since I am currently residing in Budapest, Hungary and since Hungarians are very keen on everything evolving around horses, I was sure that here someone could be found who would make me the perfect riding boot. I found István Tóth while I was strolling around downtown Budapest. His family has been making shoes and riding boots for a long time and as soon as I stepped into his small boutique, I was convinced that this was the place where individual and beautiful boots are being made.

He carefully took my measurements and I opted for the classical black riding boot with pretty and practical details like a zip in the back and laces in the front. I wanted to spend approximately 250-300 € and with this budget, Mr. Tóth was able to use the finest leather he had (unfortunately, the language barrier did not allow me to understand the exact name of the leather…). His son, who is continuing the tradition of shoe and boot making, speaks very good English, so that we were able to discuss the details in English while I understood most of Mr. Tóth’s explanations in Hungarian. He also told me that he makes the riding boots for the Hungarian police riding squad.

And here they are! They fit perfectly and I am very proud! As a person who strives for individuality, it was the right choice to pick someone as unique and experienced like István Tóth. I can only recommend coming to Budapest and getting your own tailor-made riding boots. I will let you know how it feels like riding in them once I come back from my next riding lesson!

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Bilder Teil 1 133

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Bilder Teil 1 129

For more information on István Tóth and his shoe making art, please click here:


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3 responses to “A dream came true – My own tailor-made riding boots!”

  1. KC says:


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    KC Owens

  2. Sam says:

    Hello, I met István Tóth’s son today in their Budapest store and I was wondering how the boots held up when you started wearing them.

    • Dear Sam, I am very sorry for my late reply. I wore the boots for about 1,5 years until they got stolen when somebody broke into my car. I loved the boots and the only thing I ever had to do is to replace the laces. Have you decided to get a pair?

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